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BBUS 300 Organizational Behavior, Ethics, and Inclusivity: Citations and Annotated Bibliographies

Example Business Citations in APA Format

Business Source Complete
Thelen, P. D. (2020). Internal communicators’ understanding of the definition and importance of employee advocacy. Public Relations Review46(4), N.PAG.

Hadad, J. (2018). Search Engines in the U.S. Retrieved from IBIS World Database. 

International Directory of Company Histories
Beavers, C. D., & Greenland, P. R. (2018). Google LLC. In S. Long, D. Jacques, & P. Kepos (Eds.), International Directory of Company Histories. (Vol. 203, pp. 118-124). Farmington Hills, MI: St. James Press. Retrieved from

D&B Hoovers
Alphabet, Inc. Retrieved 2018, October 1 from D&B Hoovers. 

US Newsstream
Arnett, D. (2017, Oct 12). Alphabet inc.'s schmidt touches on AI, ethics, and trump in HUBweek discussion. Boston Globe. Retrieved from

Personal Interview 
Page, L. (2018, October 1). Personal interview.
Technically, APA style does not include personal interviews in the reference list. They are only included in the in-text citations. However, personal interviews can be included in the BBUS 300 assignment bibliography.

Company Website
How We Hire. Google Careers. Retrieved 2018, October 1 from