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UW Libraries Search: "Available in the Library" Filter

Search items owned by the UW

Short on time and want to find a book you can read right away? Use the UW Libraries Search filters to see results for physical items currently sitting on the shelf and available for check out or books you can read online.  There are three steps to this process: run your search, limit results to just items within the UW Libraries and, filter to either "Held by library" for physical items or "Available Online" for electronic items.

1. Type your search into the search bar on the UW Libraries Home Page and click on the Search button.

main search bar

2. Select "UW Libraries" on search bar menu on the results page.

search bar menu

3. In the Availability box in the side bar, click the box for "Held by library" for physical items such as print books that are owned by the UW Libraries or "Available Online" for electronic items such as ebooks that are available at the UW. Then click on Apply Filters.

Held by library option

Available Online option