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International Human Rights Research

Country Reports from NGOs and Government Bodies

Many human rights organizations create and publish reports detailing the human rights situation in a specific region or country or related to a particular subject matter. These reports can be a great way to better understand the human rights climate in a particular country or on a specific topic.

Organization Information Provided
Resources for Researching Country Conditions - University of Minnesota's Human Rights Library This site provides country-specific resources ranging from country profiles to information on laws to reports from NGOs. This is a great starting point to obtain an overview of the human rights situation in any particular country.
Human Rights Watch Provides information and reports by country, region or topic. HRW also publishes an annual world report.
Amnesty International Provides information on specific countries or regions and provides annual reports detailing the state of the world's human rights.
Freedom House Creates Freedom in the World reports assessing political rights and civil liberties worldwide. Other reports include Freedom of the Press and Freedom on the Net.
International Federation for Human Rights Can review reports, urgent appeals and other information by selecting specific countries in the following regions: AfricaAmericasAsiaEurope & Central Asia, and North Africa & Middle East
U.S. Department of State The U.S. Dep't of State generates and delivers to Congress annual Human Rights Reports reviewing the human rights practices of countries who receive assistance or are UN Member States.
Reliefweb Tracks disasters, including on-going humanitarian crises, in countries around the world. Can review by country or by topic.
International Center for Not-for-Profit Law Provides country reports through its Civic Freedom Monitor. Each report includes "an overview of key legal issues relating to civic freedom, with a focus on legal barriers to civil society activity and civic freedom."