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ASIAN 207A / C LIT 250D Modern Classics of Southeast Asia: Final Project Hints

History of Southeast Asia

Final Project

A final term group podcast project is due on Friday, Dec 9 by 11.59 PM on Canvas. Ten groups will choose between (1) The Sympathizer [2 groups], (2) The Woman Who Had Two Navels [2 groups], (3) The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye [2 groups], (4) Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts [2 groups] or (5) The Missing Picture [2 groups]. The podcast lasting 5-8 minutes is meant to be an introductory resource for people interested in the topic of modernity in Southeast Asia. It should have (1) an introduction to the topic in relation to the book/film including why it qualifies as a ‘classic’, or an interview with one person who is either a subject expert of modernity in the chosen nation or Southeast Asia; a literary or film critic of that nation or Southeast Asia; or the author or filmmaker themselves, (2) a full transcript of the episode, (3) a podcast show note and (4) an annotated bibliography with 5 recommended texts.