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TEGL 101 Intro to Ethnic, Gender, and Labor Studies: Articles

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  • Choose keywords to get yourself started and then think about synonyms or related terms to expand your searches (see examples in box below)
  • Select Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals if you want to limit your search to those publications



  • If your results are too narrow, try truncating your terms. By adding an asterisk (*) after the first few letters of a term, you will be able to search the different variations of that term. E.g. searching "immigra*" will allow you to search for "immigrant," "immigrants," "immigrate," and "immigration"
  • If your results are too broad, try adding more search boxes to combine additional keywords/concepts.

A sampling of keywords

woman or women or female gender roles african american or black
women's issues sex differences hispanic or latina or latino or latinx
women's studies sexuality native american or indian or indigenous
femininity sexual orientation white or caucasion or european ancestry
feminist or feminism or ferminist theory heterosexuality race or racism or racial prejudice or discrimination
man or men or male homosexuality ethnic or ethnicity or ethnic studies
men's issues heterosexism ethnocentrism
men's studies or male studies homophobia majority 
masculinity lesbian or gay or LGBT or LGBTQ or LGBTQI minority
gender studies queer or queer theory identity
gender identity transgender  
gender expression transexual or transexuality or trans  

Additional sources of scholarly articles