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Library Services for Faculty and Staff

Information for UW Law Faculty and Staff about the services we offer.

Accessing Your Library Account

You can tell what you have checked out, when it is due, and renew materials by logging into your library account, which is linked to on the library's front page:

Log in with your NetID. Let us know in Circulation (; 34086) if you're having any trouble.

Renewing Materials

You can renew the books that are checked out to you via your library account (see above), or by contacting us at the Circulation Desk in person, by email (, or over the phone (206.543.4086). Overdue and Reference Area materials need to come back to us in person before we can renew them. 

Fines and Fees

Overdue fines: the law library does not charge daily overdue fines for law library materials. UW Libraries does not charge overdue fines for renewable items. Materials that cannot be renewed:

  • Books more than 21 days overdue ("lost")

  • Books that have been requested by another user

  • Summit items

  • Interlibrary loan items

Materials that incur daily overdue fines:

  • UW Libraries books that have been requested by another user

  • Summit items

  • Interlibrary loan items

Lost item fees: If an item becomes more than 21 days overdue, you will be billed for the the item (typically a $150 fee, which is refundable upon return) as well as being charged a $30 non-refundable lost item processing fee. 

Disputing Fines & Fees

The Law Library cannot overturn a fine or fee you have accrued on your library account. To appeal a charge on your account due to error or special circumstance, see the UW Library Appeal of Library Charges page. 

Lost or Damaged Books

If you lose or damage a book, contact Marissa Rydzewski (; 37747). 

Requesting Books

Any time your research requires books, the Reference Office is ready to help locate and request them for you:

Reference • 3-6794 •

If you prefer to search the Law Library Catalog and request delivery yourself, simply copy and paste the information about the book you want and email it to Circulation. Staff will retrieve it, check it out to you, and deliver it to your office.

Circulation Desk • 3-4086 •

Returning Books

Please leave material that you have checked out from the Law Library (or items that the Law Library has routed to you) in the hallway outside your office. Library staff may rounds twice a day to deliver and retrieve materials. 
Unless the lending library has imposed certain restrictions on your use of borrowed material, you can return items obtained from other libraries (via Summit or Interlibrary Loan) in the same manner.

Requesting Routing of Materials

To request to be put on a routing list for a particular journal or newsletter, contact the Serials Unit.

Issues will be placed in your mailbox when received and may be routed to more than one faculty or staff member. You can add new titles or revise the list of journals that you have routed to you at any time.

If you are going to be on leave, contact Serials to have your routing list temporarily suspended.
Serials • 3-6516 •