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Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs): Home

A description of digital object identifiers (DOIs), and how to acquire one for UW research purposes.

DOI logo.svgWhat is a DOI? A DOI is a persistent, unique digital identifier associated with an object, which contains metadata that makes the object easier to find. DOIs create a link to the content’s location on the internet, so that the DOI will always point to the correct unique object.

Why might I need a DOI? DOIs are increasingly desired -- and sometimes required -- by journal publishers. A DOI creates a stable URL that allows for persistent access to digital materials. If you graduate, change universities, or migrate content to a new server, as long as the DOI record is updated, the change is invisible to users. DOIs can be created for nearly any object, including images, articles, books and book chapters, dissertations and theses, research reports, and more.

How do I get a DOI? The UW Libraries has contracted with DataCite to create digital object identifiers (DOIs) for UW researchers. A few basic metadata fields are required in order to create a DOI. Fill out this form, and Libraries staff will email back with your completed DOI(s), or with any questions about the form.

If you have other questions about acquiring a DOI, contact Research Data Services.

Research Data Management Librarian