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Manifold Guide: Considerations for Teaching with Manifold

Considerations for Teaching with Manifold

Using Manifold in the classroom offers students the opportunity to create scholarship in new and exciting ways.  As you think about teaching with Manifold, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • As you bring any digital tool into the classroom, always consider UCLA’s Student Collaborators Bill of Rights, “8. When digital humanities projects are required for course credit, instructors should recognize that students may have good reasons not to engage in public-facing scholarship, or may not want their names made public, and should offer students the option of alternative assignments.” Consider offering students an alternative to digitally facing public work. Matthew Kirschenbaum offers an example of this in his ENGL 759C BookLab syllabus. For more guidance on working openly with students, see UWB's Open Student Work guide.

  • Consider how public you want your course project to be.

    • You can set your course text to “draft mode” rather than public mode to hide the text from the public.

    • Remember that all comments added are publicly attributed on a text.  Annotations can be set to public or private.

    • Social media options are available throughout Manifold including adding hashtags, Twitter IDs, Facebook IDs, and Instagram IDs when setting up your project.  You may also highlight and share portions of a text on social media.

  • Make sure you are abiding by Fair Use Guidelines with materials added to your Manifold project.  See our Introduction to Fair Use for more information.

    • See also the Copyright Guidelines located in the Manifold User Guide.

    • To find open resources that can be used in your project, see our Open Resources Guide.

    • Any requests asking the Libraries to remove materials from your site due to copyright violation or exposure of protected information will result in the Libraries notifying the project owners and placing the project in draft mode until the issues have been resolved.  

  • As with any digital tool, Manifold is continually being developed and improved.  Please be aware that this may result in changes to Manifold functionality over time.