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Contributing Oral Histories to the Tacoma Community History Project: Submit Materials to the Library

This guide was created for college course outside of the UW Tacoma that create assignments that will contribute an oral history to the Tacoma Community History Project. If you have questions or are developing a class that would like to contribute oral his

Instructions for Submitting Materials

​Instructions for electronic submission:

  1. Following the checklist, have all oral history project files saved in a folder on a flash drive or your own computer.
  2. Your instructor will share with you the method for collecting the oral history files. If it is on Google Drive, please upload the files that comprise your project, clearly identifying them according to the naming convention.
  3. Complete submission form to create preliminary metadata.

Students submitting an oral history project to the Library may choose one of two options:

  • Electronic only: You must include scanned copies of all signed release forms if you are submitting only an electronic copy. If the release forms are note present, it will not appear in the online collection.
  • Paper and electronic: Please print out all materials and place them in a three-ring binder with tabs clearly separating the sections. If you are not in class on June 6, please set up an email with Justin Wadland. Clearly identify where the signed release forms can be found. To submit the electronic