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LING/ANTH 432 & 532: Sociolinguistics I: UW Libraries Search: Books

Guide to finding sources for Sociolinguistics I (LING/ANTH 432 & 532) coursework


Books offer breadth and depth of coverage on a topic that is not available from other, shorter formats. Despite their length, books may be a good resource for this project and there is no need to read an entire book. If researching a linguist who has been particularly influential, you may find books written about them and their work.

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UW Libraries Search: Tips


Locate books available from UW and our partner libraries in UW Libraries Search. In Advanced Search:

  • Limit search to books and ebooks: In the Show only drop-down menu, select UW Libraries + Summit

  • Find books by a linguist: Change Any field to Author/creator 

  • Find books about a linguist: Change Any field to Subject 

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Using Books in Research

Because of their length, books can feel more daunting to approach than shorter forms of scholarship. Consider these steps when using a book for your research.

  • Identify books: Find books and ebooks in UW Libraries search.
  • Get a print book: Request the book in the catalog interface, or locate it in the Libraries using the location and call number information.
  • Access an ebook: Access ebooks directly through links provided in UW Libraries search.
  • Finding relevant content: To find the portion of the book that addresses your topic, use the Table of Contents and the Index. This will help you identify chapters and specific pages that may discuss your linguist.
  • Read for context: Don't read just the paragraph that mentions your linguist. Read the section or chapter it appears in for fuller context that will help place the impact of your linguist's work in relation to others in the field.