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Open Educational Resources @ UW Tacoma: Evaluate & Use OER

Resources for adopting, adapting, and writing open educational resources (OER).

Evaluate open materials

Evaluating OER

There's a lot to consider when assessing course materials, but here are a few things to keep in mind when reviewing a potential resource:

  1. Does the resource allow for reuse and/or modifications? Check the licensing terms to see what is or isn't allowed. If you need assistance, contact an OER specialist.
  2. Is the content right for your class? If not, are you able to adapt or supplement the material to make it work?
  3. Is the content right for your students? Is the material accessible and culturally relevant? Does it require special tools or resources to access?

See the other tabs for additional resources and rubrics for evaluating or locating previously reviewed OER.

Assessment Rubrics & Criteria

Assessment criteria can help you determine if a resource is the right choice for your class. Check out some existing models below.

Search for Reviewed OER

Some search platforms allow users to search for resources that have been reviewed by others, often using established lists of evaluation criteria. Check out some options for finding reviewed OER below.

Curated Lists

See below for lists of reviewed and accessible Open Educational Resources.

Use OER in your courses

Adopt & Use OER

This resources outline processes and considerations to find, evaluate, and begin using Open Educational Resources in your courses.