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Open Educational Resources @ UW Tacoma: Supplement OER

Resources for adopting, adapting, and writing open educational resources (OER).

Use library resources to replace or supplement texts

What are my options for providing access to course materials for students?

If you're considering adopting or integrating OER for your class, you may want to supplement those materials with books, articles, or films from the library. Use this information to get started.

Explore the UW Libraries A-Z Database list

Browse platforms with subject-specific and interdisciplinary content by type including articles, e-books, videos, and more.

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Checking license terms

The library works hard to make sure our materials meet the needs of our users, but some resources have restrictions on use that may affect your students. For example, publishers may limit the number of users who can access an ebook at one time or limit where and how a resource can be shared (including in Canvas).

To check your resource's terms of use

  • Look up the resource in the UW Libraries Catalog.
  • Click the "view license terms" link under in the "View It" section of the page.
  • To see if you can provide files directly in Canvas, see the Course Pack Electronic note. For more detailed explanations of how to apply the different library license terms, see the Responsible Use of Electronic Resources guide.
  • To see how many users can access a resource at a time, check the license terms or the ebook's landing page.

It's a best practice to check to make sure the library still has access to digital materials before the start of each new quarter.

Questions? Contact your library liaison or a library OER expert.

Related Library Services

Key things to know about the UW Tacoma Library Textbook Program:

  • We purchase required and optional texts that are $75.00 and over.
  • We purchase only one copy of a textbook, but we can put personal copies on reserve.
  • If an unlimited model e-book is available (so all students can access it at the same time), we will purchase that in lieu of a print copy.
  • All textbooks are available on a first come, first serve basis with a four-hour check out period.
  • Faculty and students are welcome to submit a purchase request for any textbook that falls under the $75 price minimum.  

Important note:  

  • We buy textbooks based on data generated by the University Bookstore.  If you did not report your books to the bookstore, or missed the deadline for an upcoming quarter, please consider sending your course and textbook information to the library.

Course & Electronic Reserves