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Welcome to the research guide for Percussion, a starting point for finding journal articles, books, data and more!

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Below are some helpful call numbers and subject headings to use while browsing the UW Libraries Music collections.

Call Numbers

Search the stacks by call number to locate percussion music in the UW Libraries. Browsing by call number, you will find performance repertoire, histories, and method books on the physical shelves.

Solo Percussion
  • M146: drum (including timpani, drum set, snare drum, etc., and works for one performer playing two or more different percussion instruments)
  • M147: bells, glockenspiel
  • M172: carillons, chimes
  • M175: marimba, vibraphone, xylophone, castanets, celesta
  • M284-285: keyboard and percussion duets
  • M285.P4: keyboard and one percussionist playing 2 or more different percussion instruments
  • M285.T5: keyboard and timpani
  • M285.X9: keyboard and xylophone, marimba, or vibraphone
  • M342: trios for piano and two other instruments
Percussion Ensembles
  • M585: Music for 5 percussionists
  • M685: Music for 6 percussionists
  • M785: Music for 7 percussionists
  • M885: Music for 8 percussionists
  • M985: Music for 9 percussionists
Solo Percussion with Accompanying Ensemble
  • M1205 - M1206: solo percussion with band
  • M1038: concertos for 1 or more soloists playing 2 or more percussion instruments, with orchestra accompaniment
  • M1039: percussion concertos with piano accompaniment 
  • M1039.4: concertos for 1 soloist playing 1 percussion instrument
  • M1138: percussion concertos with string orchestra
  • M1366: solo percussion with jazz ensemble

Subject Headings

Use Library of Congress Subject Headings to locate music for percussion instruments in the UW Libraries Search. Use the "Advanced Search" option to limit your search by "Subject" when using the controlled subject headings listed below.

Music for solo percussion without accompaniment
  • Percussion music
    • compositions for 1 musician playing 1 or more percussion instruments
  • Marimba music
  • Snare drum music
  • Timpani music
  • Sonatas ( [insert percussion instrument] )
    • e.g., Sonatas (Glockenspiel)
  • Suites ( [insert percussion instrument] )
    • e.g., Suites (Vibraphone)
  • Variations ( [insert percussion instrument] )
    • e.g., Variations (Xylophone)
Music for solo percussion with accompaniment
  • Percussion and piano music
  • Timpani and piano music
    • [Try replacing "timpani" with another percussion instrument, or replacing "piano" with another keyboard instrument]
  • Sonatas (Marimba and piano)
    • [Try replacing "marimba" with another percussion instrument]
  • Suites (Vibraphone and piano)
    • [Try replacing "vibraphone" with another percussion instrument]
  • Marimba with percussion ensemble
  • Percussion with band
  • Percussion with chamber orchestra
  • Percussion with instrumental ensemble
  • Percussion with orchestra
  • Percussion with orchestra--Solo with piano
  • Percussion with string orchestra
  • Percussion with jazz ensemble
  • Concertos (Percussion)
  • Concertos (Percussion)--Solo with piano
Music for Duets
  • Percussion ensembles
    • compositions for 2 or more musicians each playing 1 or more percussion instruments
  • Percussion and [insert instrument] music
    • e.g., Percussion and cello music
  • Snare drum and [insert instrument] music
    • e.g., Snare drum and trumpet music
  • Marimba and [insert instrument] music
    • e.g., Marimba and trombone music
  • Timpani and [insert instrument] music
    • e.g., Timpani and computer music
Music for ensembles of 2-10 percussion players
  • Percussion ensembles
    • compositions for 2 or more musicians each playing 1 or more percussion instruments


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