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HSL Clinical Research and Data Services (CRDS) Librarians

The Clinical Research Data Services (CRDS) Librarians perform assistance for comprehensive literature searching projects. Typically, librarians help set up the search strategy, conduct the search in multiple databases, and provide the results in a citation management tool like Endnote or in a .csv file.

  • If you are a student assigned with a research project, reach out to your HSL School Liaison ( Librarians will help you with learning how to construct a search strategy, select databases, and use Endnote.
  • If you are looking for assistance with a search for publication, reach out to the liaison librarians ( There may be a fee for performing this search.
  • If you are looking for assistance with a systematic review or scoping search for grant funded work, there is a $42/hour charge to your department. Please use Ask Us for more information.

Locate by Librarian

  • School of Social Work
  • Research Impact

Enslow, Electra

  • UW Medical Center
  • School of Dentistry

Gascon, Leslie

  • School of Public Health

Jacobsen, Anna Liss

  • School of Medicine

Jewell, Teresa

  • Rehabilitation Medicine
  • Systematic Reviews

Maloy, Caitlin

  • School of Nursing

Locate by School Department, Program

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Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine Ask Us
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Bioethics & Humanities Anna Liss Jacobsen
Biomedical Informatics & Medical Education (BIME) Ask Us
Biostatistics Leslie Gascon
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Cardiology Ask Us
Comparative Medicine Ask Us
Critical Care Medicine Ask Us
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Dentistry, School of Electra Enslow
Dermatology Ask Us
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Emergency Medicine Ask Us
Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences  Leslie Gascon
Epidemiology Leslie Gascon
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Family Medicine Ask Us
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Gastroenterology Electra Enslow
General Internal Medicine Ask Us
Genome Sciences Ask Us
Gerontology & Geriatric Medicine Lynly Beard
Global Health Leslie Gascon
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Harborview Medical Center Ask Us
Health Services Leslie Gascon
Hematology Ask Us
History of Medicine/Rare Books UW Special Collections
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Immunology Ask Us
Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation Ask Us
Institute of Translational Health Sciences (ITHS) TRAIL
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Laboratory Medicine Ask Us
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MEDEX Anna Liss Jacobsen
Medical Genetics Ask Us
Medical Laboratory Science Ask Us
Medicine, Department of Ask Us
Medicine, School of Anna Liss Jacobsen
Metabolism, Endocrinology & Nutrition Ask Us
Microbiology Ask Us
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Nephrology Ask Us
Neurology Ask Us
Nurses, Clinical Ask Us
Nursing, School of Caitlin Maloy
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Obstetrics & Gynecology Electra Enslow
Occupational Therapy Anna Liss Jacobsen
Oncology Lynly Beard
Ophthalmology Ask Us
Orthodontics Ask Us
Orthopedics Ask Us
Otolaryngology Ask Us
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Palliative Care Ask Us
Paramedic Training Program Ask Us
Pathology Ask Us
Pediatrics Lynly Beard
Pharmacy Services UWMC/HMC Ask Us
Pharmacy, School of Ask Us
Physical Therapy Anna Liss Jacobsen
Physician Assistant (MEDEX NW) Anna Liss Jacobsen
Physiology & Biophysics Ask Us
Prosthodontics Ask Us
Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences Lynly Beard
Public Health, School of Leslie Gascon
Public Health Genetics Ask Us
Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine Ask Us
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Radiation Oncology Lynly Beard
Radiology Ask Us
Rehabilitation Medicine/Sciences Teresa Jewell
Rheumatology Ask Us
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School of Dentistry Electra Enslow
School of Medicine Anna Liss Jacobsen
School of Nursing Caitlin Maloy
School of Pharmacy Ask Us
School of Public Health Leslie Gascon
School of Social Work Lynly Beard
Social Workers (HMC/UWMC) Lynly Beard
Surgery Ask Us
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Urology Ask Us
UW Medical Center Ask Us
UW Neighborhood Clinics Ask Us
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WWAMI Anna Liss Jacobsen
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