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Zotero: From Databases, Catalogs, and Webpages

Zotero & the UW Catalog

Direct exports from the main search screen using the Zotero connector do not currently work with the new UW Libraries Search interface: 

The current workaround is to export citations in RIS format and import the RIS file into Zotero. Get step-by-step directions here.

Please note that RIS imports will not include book call numbers. 

Importing Citations from Databases, Catalogs, and Webpages

Zotero can save references from most library catalogs, databases, and webpages including WorldCat, PubMed, CINAHL or Cochrane. Zotero maintains a list of compatible sites, although many sites that do not appear on this list also work. 

When Zotero detects that you are looking at a book or article in a catalog or database, or recognizes websites such as Google Scholar, Library Thing, or National Library of Medicine, you'll see a book, page, or folder icon appear in the address bar of your browser. 

If you are on a page with a single search result, you will see the book or page icon. Click on the icon and Zotero will automatically save the citation.

If you are on a page of search results with many items, you will see a folder icon.  Click on that folder icon to get a list of the items on the page and save the ones you want.