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Creating and Managing Mendeley Groups

Creating a group in Mendeley allows you to share references and attachments with other Mendeley Reference Manager users. In the free version of Mendeley, a user can only create five groups, with a limit of twenty-five members in each group. Annotations, highlights, and comments are NOT  shared between groups and your original file. Every highlight or annotation you write is unique to each group, and you are unable to transfer these annotations between groups.

To create a group in Mendeley, follow these steps:

1. In the left column, find the PRIVATE GROUPS tab at the bottom of the column, and click "New Group"

2. In the text field that appears, write the name of your new group.

3. Right click your newly created group and click "Manage Group"

4. Click the invite members button, type in the email addresses of each of your invitees, and click send invites.

To add references to your new group, simply drag and drop them onto the group folder. You can create collections within groups by right-clicking on the group and choosing "New Collection". Then you can drag and drop references right into the collection in your new group.