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TLIT 391 - Science Fiction Literature: Literary Criticism

What is Literary Critcism

Literary criticism is the evaluation, analysis, description, or interpretation of literature. Modern literary criticism often includes a discussion of literature's goals and methods. Most often it is the form of a critical essay.

Searching for Literary Criticism

Start by identifying if you are searching for criticism for a specific text, or a theme. You will need key words to help you find critcism and if you are searching for a text, look at the title, or author. Titles such as I, Robot prove to be a bit tricky, since this story has been published under a number of titles, so using the author and a theme can be more effective.

Searching is iterative - you likely will search several times, changing keywords or combinations in order to get to what you are looking for. Don't be discouraged if your first search doesn't find what you want.

Database & Ejournal Packages for Literary Criticism