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Biomedical Sciences Toolkit

eagle-i: Research Resources and Services


Search eagle-i to locate research resources available at participating universities, including UW. 

  • core labs
  • scientific instruments                           
  • research reagents
  • software

The ITHS Consortium is a participating institution.  Use the "Collection Filter" for ITHS Regional Directory to identify resources and expertise from groups at UW and throughout the WWAMI region.

IACUC Literature Searches

The HSL Animal Welfare & Lab Animal Alternatives guide is designed to help you conduct an effective "animal use alternatives" search for your IACUC protocol.

Contact your librarian if you'd like additional assistance.

Preclinical Studies on Approved Drugs and Devices

Are you investigating the preclinical work that was done for marketed drugs, biologics, and medical devices?

Look at approval documents from the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) and the EMA (European Medicines Agency).

  Go to Drug, Device, and Biologic Approval Documents.

  1. Find your drug or device in one of the listed databases.
  2. Look for the original drug approval package or regulatory review documents.      [Note: not all approval documents are available online.]
  3. Examine documents with titles like:

  Contact your librarian for assistance finding information on preclinical drug and device development.

Drug Targets & Drug Development

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