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Recommended Reading, Law

Recommended reading for prospective and current law students.

Law School Skills


Many of these books cover a range of skills, from briefing cases to taking exams. Some cover the whole range of law school, from beginning to the bar exam; others focus on the first year.

Advice for Foreign Students

Legal Reasoning

Legal Writing

We encourage you to browse the Gallagher guides on Legal and General Writing Resources and Writing for and Publishing in Law Reviews for additional information and guidance.

Taking Law School Exams

See our Law School Exams guide.

Law School Experiences

Law Stories: One L Revisited

To see the great diversity—and common themes—in law school experiences, leaf through the symposium, Law Stories: One L Revisited, 78 UMKC L. Rev. 1015-1126 (2010). Note: HeinOnline is UW restricted.

  • Scott Turow, Introduction: One L: The View in the Mirror, 1015, HeinOnline

  • Melissa N. Anderson, Two Pink Lines, 1019, HeinOnline (author gave birth to her sixth child during her 1L year—and her husband was away for Army predeployment training part of the year, too!)

  • Ian Ayres, Theodicy, 1023, HeinOnline (author took a Talmud class and dealt with his mother's serious illness during his 1L year)

  • Pamela Bridgewater, The Infinite Alchemy: A First Year Journey in Three Acts Spanning Three Decades, 1027, HeinOnline (African American law professor describes some incidents in her one 1L year and an incident faced by three women of color at her school during their own 1L year)

  • Alafair S. Burke, Classroom Storytelling , 1031, HeinOnline (author recalls criminal law class when a student told of a time he almost killed a man)

  • Stephen L. Carter, Last Reunion, 1035, HeinOnline (short story about a murder that can be traced back to a law school relationship)

  • Hala V. Furst, One-L-ow Brick Road, 1043, HeinOnline (UW restricted) (3L writes about challenges of first year)

  • Andrew Jay McClurg, Neurotic, Paranoid Wimps—Nothing Has Changed, 1049, HeinOnline (law professor concludes that, despite changes in legal education, "Turow's experience not only mirrored my own IL journey, but captured the archetypal reactions of students everywhere to law school's harrowing first year-in his time, today, and perhaps for all time.")

  • Marc R. Poirier, One L in a Different Voice: Becoming a Gay Male Feminist at Harvard Law School, 1063, HeinOnline (professor who was one of Turow's 500+ classmates at Harvard discusses what it was like to be on the left, gay, and feminist in a school that was hardly welcoming of those identities)

  • Deborah Waire Post, Contested Meanings: Achievement and Ambition at an Elite Law School, 1075, HeinOnline (professor who was contemporary of Turow's at Harvard discusses her experience as a black woman who had been working as a secretary before law school)

  • Lisa R. Pruitt, How You Gonna' Keep Her Down on the Farm . . . , 1085, HeinOnline (law professor who focuses or rurality and class discusses her background and 1L experience in the 1980s)

  • Saira Rao, Take Two, 1101, HeinOnline (fictional vignette of a student's first meeting with her classmates)

  • Cameron Stracher, I ♥ Crits, 1105, HeinOnline (reminiscence of a 1L year reading leftist political theory, inspired by Duncan Kennedy)

  • Robert R.M. Verchick, Tales from the Back Bench, 1111, HeinOnline (author enlivens his reminiscences with quotations from the Backbench Reporter, an anonymous newsletter circulated when he was a 1L)

  • Adrien Katherine Wing, One L Redux, 1119, HeinOnline (black law professor reflects on her 1L year and offers suggestions for improving legal education)