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Judicial Clerkships

This guide covers U.S. (federal), Washington State, and other state court clerkships.

Judicial Clerkships: A Bibliography

Student Lawyer

Student Lawyer, the magazine of the ABA's Law Student Division, has had a number of articles about clerkships. If you're a member, you can read past issues online; whether or not you're a member, you can read them on HeinOnline (UW Restricted) or use the library's print copies: KF287.S77, current issues at Reference Area; older volumes at Classified Stacks.

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  • Judicial Clerkships: An Alternative Route, Student Law, Nov. 2002, at 28, available on HeinOnline. "There's still time to apply if you want the unparalleled experience of clerking for a judge, but you may have to look in places that aren't obvious."
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More Advice

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Social Scientists Look at Clerkships

  • Courting the Clerkship: Perspectives on the Opportunities and Obstacles for Judicial Clerkships, Judges J., Spring 2001, at 10, available on HeinOnline. Excerpts from a NALP report.
  • Derek T. Muller, Federal Judicial Clerkship Report of Recent Law School Graduates, 2020 Edition (June 9, 2020), SSRN
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  • Stephen L. Wasby, "Why Clerk? What Did I Get Out of It?,56 J. Legal Educ. 411 (2006), available on HeinOnline. How do students decide which judges to clerk for, how do students evaluate their clerkship experience, and what is the effect of the clerkship on the students' careers? Article based on political scientist's interviews of people who clerked for Judge Alfred T. Goodwin (Ninth Circuit).

NALP Reports