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Korean Law A-Z

Korean Law-related Resources by Topic or Type


  • Introduction to Korean legal materials / Young-Hee Kim. -- [2002] (Photocopy. Originally published: Journal of Korean law, v. 2, no. 1 (2002), p. 125-166)
  • Korean law: a selective bibliographical guide / by T. Susanne Lee. -- [Seoul, 1983?].
    KPA3 .L44 1983 at REF (Reference)
    Offprint from: 11 The Korean Journal of Comparative Law 163 (May 1983)
  • Korean law: an annotated bibliography of English language monographs / compiled by ChungSook Baik. -- Washington, D.C.: Law Library, Library of Congress, 1980.
    KPA3.B35 1980a at CLAS (Classified Stacks)
  • 大法院藏書目錄: 東洋書, 西洋書分類目錄 Taebŏbwŏn changsŏ mongnok: Tongyangsŏ, Sŏyangsŏ pullyu mongnok [Seoul]: Pŏbwŏn Haengjŏngch'ŏ, 1978-
    Z6459 .K67 1978 at CLAS (Classified Stacks). (v. 1, 1976-1978)
  • Japan and Korea; an annotated bibliography of doctoral dissertations in Western languages, 1877-1969. Compiled and edited by Frank J. Shulman for the Center for Japanese Studies, University of Michigan. -- Chicago, American Library Association, 1970.
    DS806 .S58 1970 at CLAS (Classified Stacks)
  • Doctoral dissertations on Japan and on Korea, 1969-1979: an annotated bibliography of studies in western languages / compiled and edited by Frank Joseph Shulman. -- Seattle: University of Washington Press, c1982
    DS806 .S58 1982 at REF (Reference)
  • Doctoral dissertations on Asia / F.J. Shulman, editor. -- [Ann Arbor, Mich.]: Association for Asian Studies, 1975-1993.
    DS5.A1 D62 at CLAS (Classified Stacks)
  • 韓国労動関係文献目錄 Han'guk nodong kwan'gye munhŏn mongnok: Koryŏ Taehakkyo ch'angnip 70-chunyŏn kinyŏm / Koryŏ Taehakkyo Nodong Munje Yŏn'guso p'yŏn. -- [Sŏul]:  Koryŏ Taehakkyo Ch'ulp'anbu, 1975.
    KPA1261.2 .H36 1975 at CLAS (Classified Stacks)
  • Japan and Korea: a critical bibliography / Bernard S. Silberman. -- Tucson, University of Arizona Press, 1962.
    Z3301 .S55 at CLAS (Classified Stacks)
  • 법원 도서관 소장 도서 목록 -- 서울 대학교 소장 도서목록 -- 전문 자료 (학위 논문 목록, 등) Pŏbwŏn Tosŏgwan sojang tosŏ mongnok -- Sŏul Taehakkyo sojang tosŏ mongnok -- Chŏnmun charyo (hagwi nonmun mongnok, tŭng). In 법고을 LX (CD-ROM) Pŏp koŭl LX. -- Ver. 7.5 for Windows 95, 98 . -- [Sŏul] : Pŏbwon Tosŏgwan, 2000.
    KPA18 .A4 2000 at East Asian Law Dept. (temporary location)
  • 법원도서관소장논문색인목록: 국내편, 1973.1.1 - 1977.12.31. Pŏbwŏn Tosŏgwan sojang nonmun saegin mongnok: kungnae p'yŏn, 1973.1.1 - 1977.12.31. -- [Sŏul]: Pŏbwŏn Haengjŏngch'ŏ, 1978.
    KPA5 .P66 1973-77 at CLAS (Classified Stacks)