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Korean Law A-Z

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Court Decisions

In English

In general, cases are much harder to locate than laws. This is especially true if you are looking for an English translation of a case. Cases are not cited or indexed in a format that is familiar to U.S. trained attorneys. Finding aids for cases in Korean do not include an index of cases by the names of the parties. Instead, cases are indexed by the court, the date, and also by the citation to the statute at issue in the case. Electronic indexes are a boon, as they add "keyword" indexing, which allows the researcher to search by any word in the record for the case.

The library collects several case reporters in Korean and all known translations of cases into English. It is likely that our collection includes most available cases. The problem is that often a case is mentioned in the media very soon after it is decided, but it may not be published until several months later; therefore the library will not immediately have the case.

  • A brief look at the constitutional justice in Korea : a summarized report on sample case-law / by the Constitutional Court. -- Seoul : the Court, c1996.
    KPA2070 .K75 1996 at CLAS (Classified Stacks)
    This is an English-language digest of the 1st 27 cases heard by the Constitutional Court (1989-1996).
  • The first ten years of the Korean Constitutional Court : 1988-1998. -- [Seoul] : the Constitutional Court of Korea, 2001.
    KPA2620 .H75413 1988-98 at CLAS (Classified Stacks)
    Includes digests of selected cases and legislation
  • Decisions of the Korean Constitutional Court : 1998.9.-1999.12 / [translated by Park Kyung-sin]. -- [Seoul] : Constitutional Court of Korea, 2001.
    KPA2620 .H75413 Suppl. 1998-99 at CLAS (Classified Stacks)
    Includes 3 full opinions and 15 summaries of opinions

In Korean

In Print
  • 법원공보 Pŏbwŏn kongbo . -- [Seoul : Pŏbwŏn Haengjŏngch'ŏ], 1953- (Library has 1994-present ) Also called: 대법원공보. 행정편. Looseleaf, issued twice a month.
    KPA18 .A37 at CLAS (Classified Stacks)
  • 판례공보 P'allye kongbo. --[Seoul]: Pŏbwŏn Tosŏgwan, 1996- . Also called: 대법원공보. 판례편, and: 법원공보. 판례편. Looseleaf, issued twice a month.
    KPA18 .A31996 at CLAS (Classified Stacks)
  • 헌법재판소 판례집 Hŏnpŏp Chaep'anso p'allyejip . -- [Seoul]: Hŏnpŏp Chaep'anso, 1990- .
    KPA2066.3 .H66 at CLAS (Classified Stacks)
  • 대법원판례집 Taebŏbwŏn p'allyejip. --[Seoul]: Pŏbwŏn Haengjŏngch'ŏ, 1980- .
    KPA18.A31980 at CLAS (Classified Stacks)
  • 대법원판결집 Taebŏbwŏn p'an'gyŏljip. -- [Seoul]: Pŏbwŏn Haengjŏngch'ŏ, [1953?]-1980. Covers 1947-1979 (v. 1, no. 1 covers civil cases from 1947-48 and criminal cases from 1950-51). Continued by: 대법원판례집 (above).
    KPA18.A31980 at CLAS (Classified Stacks)
  • Jurist (쥬리스트). -- Sŏul : Ch'ŏngnim Int'ŏrekt'ibŭ, Oct. 2001- . Continues 判例月報, below.
    KPA6 .J85 at CLAS (Classified Stacks)
  • 判例月報 P'allye wŏlbo. --[Seoul]: P'allye wŏlbosa, 1970-2001. Continued by Jurist, above.
    KPA6 .P33 at CLAS (Classified Stacks)
  • 법고을 LX [CD-ROM] Pŏp koŭl LX. -- Ver. 7.5 for Windows 95, 98. -- [Sŏul]: Pŏbwon Tosŏgwan, 2000.
    Contents: 대법원 판례 (1948-2000.1.15) -- 헌법 재판소 판례 (1989.1-1999.11) -- 하급심 판례 (1984-1999) -- 현행 법령집 (1999.11.21 공포 기준) -- 구 법령 -- 대법원 규칙 -- 대법원 예규 -- 대법원 선례 -- 법원 도서관 소장 도서 목록 -- 서울 대학교 소장 도서 목록 -- 전문 자료 (학위 논문 목록, 등)
    KPA18 .A4 2000 at East Asian Law Dept. (temporary location)
  • 하급심판결집 Hagŭpsim p'an'gyŏlchip. -- [Sŏul-si]: Pŏbwŏn Haengjŏngch'ŏ. Library has 1984 (inc.), 2000-2001.
    KPA19 .A36 at CLAS (Classified Stacks) )
  • 判例總覧 P'allye ch'ongnam. --. [Sŏul]: Ch'ŏngnimgak, 1985- . Looseleaf. Never updated.
    Chiefly cases from the 大法院 (Taebŏbwon) and its predecessor, the 朝鮮高等法院 (Chosen Kōtō Hōin). Selected cases from other courts.
    Contents: 1-7. 民法 -- 8-10. 經濟編 -- 11. 商法編 -- 12-16. 民事訴訟法 -- 17. 民事特別法 -- 18-20. 刑法 -- 21-22. 刑事訴訟法 -- 23.1. 刑事諸法 -- 23.2. 軍事諸法 -- 24.1. 文教編 -- 24.2. 社会編 -- 25.1. 憲法編 -- 25.2. 司法編 -- 26-27. 行政編 -- 28. 財務編 -- 29-33. 稅法編.
    KPA18 .A31985 at CLAS (Classified Stacks)
  • 노동법판례연구 : 노동조합운동사건판례 Nodongpŏp p'allye yŏn'gu : nodong chohap undong sakŏn p'allye / Sin Il-lyŏng = Cases on labour law - in reference to trade union movement / by In-Ryung Shin. -- Sŏul: Ihwa Yŏja Taehakkyo Ch'ulp'anbu, 1995.
    KPA1402 .S58 1995 at CLAS (Classified Stacks)
  • Treatises with case indexes
    Some treatises (monographs) on various legal topics include case indexes (판례색인), which refer to the place in the text where a specific case is discussed or referenced.