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Korean Law A-Z

Korean Law-related Resources by Topic or Type



  • Tonga ilbo 東亞日報 = Dong-A ilbo : 1920-1999
  • Kyŏnghyang sinmun 京鄕新聞 = Kyunghyang Shinmun : 1946-1999
  • Maeil kyŏngje sinmun 每日經濟新聞 = Maeil Business Newspaper : 1966-1999
  • Hangyŏre* 한겨레 = The Hankyoreh : 1988-1999

In Print

  • 法律 新聞 Pŏmnyul sinmun. -- Sŏul: Pŏmnyul Sinmunsa,
    KNPA6 .P623. 1982-1989 at Folio; current four months at REF (Reference) (Newspaper Shelf)
  • East Asia Library Newspaper Collection: About 10 or so Korean newspapers are displayed on the newspaper table in the Reading Room. For older issues of newspapers, inquire at the circulation desk.