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Free and Low Cost Course Materials for UW Law



CALI (The Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction) is a service designed to help your students fully understand the concepts covered in your course. If you are not already familiar with CALI, it includes over 1,000 legal tutorials on topics covered in 1L, 2L, and 3L courses that are written by law professors and specifically designed for law students. CALI allows you to not only direct your class to the tutorials as helpful resources, but you can also specifically assign the materials to your students and monitor their performance by using the LessonLink feature. Want to tweak a CALI lesson to tailor it to your class? No problem! CALI allows for modification and customization of its lessons. And the best part? CALI is FREE to your students through the library's subscription! Need help getting started or need a CALI registration code? Reach out to us at and we can help.

Special Features for Faculty

Per the CALI FAQ website, the following special features are available to faculty using CALI lessons:

  1. LessonText: This provides all of the content of the CALI Lesson - questions, answers and images - in a single webpage. It makes printing and reviewing the lesson much easier.
  2. LessonLink: This tool provides a special URL to an existing CALI Lesson. When students use that URL to take the lesson, faculty can view their performance via their LessonLink Dashboard.
  3. AutoPublish: This is a tool within the CALI Author software (which powers CALI Lessons) that allows faculty to edit existing lessons or write their own educational materials and publish it on the CALI website. AutoPublished lessons have the same score tracking ability as LessonLink lessons.
  4. Mapper: The lesson Mapper gives a graphical view of a lesson and allows you to see the various branches that some of our CALI Lessons have.