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Law Library Student Services

Information for UW Law students about the services we offer.

After Hours Access

UW Law students have the privilege of being able to access the law library 24/7. So long as you abide by the After Hours Policy, you are permitted to use the library any time. Swipe in with your Husky Card and take the elevator to L1. Be aware that Gates Hall is closed between 1 am and 6 am but law students can return to the library if already inside the building during this time. More information

Reserve a Study Room

Library Computers

There are UW Law only computers in the Law Student Lounge on L1. Log in with your NetID. 

Other computers in the library are available for anyone to use: 

  • UW Community Only terminals are unrestricted for UW users and are located past the Info Desk across from the law student-only tables. Log in with your NetID
  • Legal Research terminals are restricted to "legal research" sites and library databases for all users. These terminals are next to the Reference Office in the Reference Area and do not require a login. 
  • Catalog terminal at the Info Desk is for use of the library catalog only


Wireless Access

UW Law Technology Services Using the UW Wireless Network information. 

Printing and Scanning


Print from your device

You can use mobile print, print from your laptop, or use a library computer. More info: Printing, Scanning, and Copying Services.



The law library has three overhead book and document scanners. One is in each Copy Alcove on L1 and the third is in the Law Student Lounge for law students' exclusive use. Scanning is free.


Mobile Print

Mobile/Wireless printing: To print from a mobile device, you must have a UW NetID.

  1. Login to
  2. Upload your document(s)
  3. Print jobs can then be retrieved at any Dawg Prints location

Mobile Print FAQ


The law library has three printers for law student use. One in each Copy Alcove on L1, and one in the L2 Copy Alcove. 

You can send documents to the printers from your laptop (instructions here) or by printing directly from a law library computer (instructions here). 

Name your document, select "Gate Hall B & W" as your printer, and swipe your Husky Card at the pay station. Printing is $.12 per page. More pricing information.

Ask at the Info Desk for basic printing troubleshooting assistance. 

Color Printing

The law library has one color printer, which is in the Copy Alcove behind the Law Student Lounge. Mobile printing is black & white ONLY, so you must have the driver installed on your laptop to print to the color printer. Name your document, select "Gates Hall Color", and swipe your Husky Card at the pay station. Printing is $.50 per page. 

Study Spaces, Food, and Drink

The law library is open to anyone who wants to visit, including public visitors and members of the UW community. The space can get crowded and loud, depending on the time of day and proximity to midterms and finals. Law students have areas that are reserved exclusively for their use such as law student-only tables, the law student lounge, study rooms, and the L2 Commons. Find out more about these areas, food and drink restrictions, and noise levels on our Places to Study in Gallagher Law Library page. 


Therapy Dog Schedules

The law library hosts therapy dog sessions at the end of every Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarters to help with the stress of exams. These events are held during lunchtime (12:30 pm-1:30 pm) in the L1 Law Student Lounge. These events are open to all UW Law students, faculty, and staff. 

A huge thank you to College Dogs and Reading with Rover for providing the therapy dog teams for the UW law community.  

Therapy Dog Schedule 2019-2020 

All therapy dog events are postponed until further notice.