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Law Library Student Services

Information for UW Law students about the services we offer.

How to Reserve a Law Library Seat or Group Space

Most seats in the library are now available for reservations! Reservations can be made up to two weeks in advance via the "Reserve a Space" link on our homepage or in the moment by scanning the QR code posted by each seat. Individual reservations are limited to four hours and back-to-back reservations are permitted. To see a picture of a seat before you reserve it, click on the seat's listing on the reservation site.

Tables Seats

There are large tables on both floors of the library, each with 3-4 individual seats for reservation. These seats are a great choice for those who love open spaces and natural light. To reserve a seat at a table, change the "Category" drop-down menu to "Tables" on the reservation site.

Carrels Seats

There are several groups of carrels located throughout the library. The different spaces offer varying levels of natural light, privacy, and noise to choose from based on your preferences. Please note that not every carrel has electricity available. If you will be needing an outlet for your work, be sure to look for a carrel designated with an icon shaped like a plug. 

Study Rooms

There are twelve study rooms available for reservation on L2. To promote social distancing, capacity is limited to two people. Each study room has a monitor to connect to your computer and adapters are available for checkout at the Information Desk. To reserve a study room, change the "Location" drop-down menu to "L2 Study Rooms" on the reservation site.

L2 Commons Study Pods and Individual Rooms

The L2 Collaborative Commons has several pods designated for group work. To reserve a pod, change the "Location" drop-down menu to "L2 Collaborative Commons" and the "Category" menu to "Group Study Pods" on the reservation site.              

There are also four individual study spaces in the Commons. Please note that some of these spaces do not have doors and are open to the rest of the Commons. You can determine which rooms are open by clicking on the room's listing on the reservation site. To reserve one of these rooms, change the "Category" drop-down menu to "Commons Individual Rooms".

Reference Area--Open

The tables in the Reference Area on L1 are non-reservable and available for open seating. The Reference Area is a great choice if you are looking to host office hours in the library.

Soft Seating--Open

Any armchair in the library is non-reservable and available for open seating.

Other Open Desks

All other seats are designated as either "Open Seating", meaning no reservation required, or closed to promote social distancing. Be sure to check the sign at a seat to make sure it is open before you start working.