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Robert C. Berring, Jr., 1949 -

Information about Robert Berring, third director of the Gallagher Law Library

About a Bob

Perhaps what drives Bob’s ability to make a legal research or professional panel fun is that he really does seem to enjoy his work…. He’s having a good time, and he’d like everyone else to have a good time too.

Mary Whisner, Practicing Reference  . . . On Fun, 99 Law Libr. J. 447 (2007).

To say he has been a "productive" scholar throughout his professional career is to shortchange not only his amazing output but also the wide range of subjects, styles, and publication formats this work has encompassed.

Frank G. Houdek, From the Reference Desk to River City: A Bibliography of the Writings of Robert C. Berring, 99 Law Libr. J. 413 (2007).

Few will argue with the proposition that Bob Berring of the University of California-Berkeley School of Law has been throughout his career the foremost thinker about the influences of legal information--the literature of the law--on the development of the law and legal thought in the United States."

Richard A. Danner, Introduction, Legal Information and the Development of American Law: Further Thinking about the Thoughts of Robert C. Berring, 99 Law Libr. J. 191 (2007).

Richard A. Danner, Legal Information and the Development of American Law: Writings on the Form and Structure of the Published Law, 99 Law Libr. J. 193 (2007).