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Betty Wilkins, 1915 - 1999

Information about Betty Wilkins, fourth director of the Gallagher Law Library

Elizabeth (Betty) Roe Wilkins, 1915 - 1999

Betty WilkinsBetty Wilkins was the fourth director of the Law Library, serving in that position from 1982 - 1985.

Betty had a long history of service to the UW Law Library. She worked in reference and circulation from 1938 to 1942, when she retired to raise her three daughters. She practiced law in Seattle from 1957 until 1965, then returned to the UW Law Library as Assistant Law Librarian in Technical Services. In 1973, she became Associate Librarian in Reader Services. After Robert C. Berring resigned as Law Librarian in 1982, she was appointed Acting Law Librarian and then became the Law Librarian.

Upon Betty’s passing in 1999, Professor Penny A. Hazelton wrote that “Betty was one of those quiet workers who inspired excellence and dedication in others. She cared about people and the quality of life in the law library and law school.” Roland Hjorth, UW Professor of Law and Dean Emeritus, described Betty as “a quiet and capable woman of great charm and good humor.”


Thanks to Penny Hazelton, Alyssa Thurston (Law Librarianship grad, 2011), and Mariah Ford (Law Librarianship grad, 2012).