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William T. Burke

A memorial page with biographical information, obits and tributes, and lists of publications

Chapters in Books

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Crisis in the Law of the Sea, in Myres S. McDougal, Studies in World Public Order 844-911 (Yale University Press, 1960).

Law and the New Technologies, in The Law of the Sea: Offshore Boundaries and Zones 204-27 (Lewis M. Alexander ed., Ohio State University Press, 1967).

The Legal Regulation of Minor International Coercion: A Framework for Inquiry, in Essays on Intervention 87-125 (Roger Fisher ed., Ohio State University, 1964), reprinted in The Vietnam War and International Law 79-101 (Richard A. Falk comp., Princeton University Press, 1968).

Ocean Sciences, Technology and the Future International Law of the Sea, in 2 The Future of the International Legal Order 183-264 (Cyril Edwin Black & Richard A. Falk eds., Princeton University Press, 1969).

The International Law and Politics of Marine Science Research, in Toward World Order and Human Dignity: Essays in Honor of Myres S. McDougal 473-53 (W. Michael Reisman & Burns H. Weston eds., Free Press, 1976).

W.S. Wooster & William T. Burke, Traditional Regime for Fisheries Management and International Arrangements Affecting Marine Scientific Research, in The Management of Marine Regions: The North Pacific: An Analysis of Issues Relating to Fisheries, Marine Transportation, Marine Scientific Research, and Multiple Use Conditions and Conflicts 52-82, 389-418 (University of California Press, 1982).

Extended Fisheries Jurisdiction and the New Law of the Sea, in Global Fisheries: Perspectives for the 1980s 7-49 (Brian J. Rothschild ed., Springer-Verlag, 1983).

Unregulated High Seas Fishing and Ocean Governance, in Freedom for the Seas in the 21st Century: Ocean Governance and Environmental Harmony 235-71 (Jon M. Van Dyke,  Durwood Zaelke & Grant Hewison eds., 1993).

Some Comments on High Seas Fishing and International Law, in Essays in Honor of Wang Tieya 103-13 (M. Nijhoff Publishers, 1994).

Fisheries Management in the Debate on U.S. Acceptance of the 1982 Convention on the Law of the Sea, in Law of the Sea: What the New Convention May Mean to You and Those You Work for (Washington Law School Foundation, 1995).

Compatibility and Precaution in the 1995 Straddling Stock Agreement, in Law of the Sea: The Common Heritage and Emerging Challenges 105-26 (Harry N. Scheiber ed., Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 2000).

A New Whaling Agreement and International Law, in Toward a Sustainable Whaling Regime 51-79 (Robert L. Friedheim ed., University of Washington Press, 2001).

Evolution in the Fisheries Provisions of UNCLOS, in 2 Liber Amicorum Judge Shigeru Oda 1355-62 (Nisuke Ando, Edward McWhinney & Rudiger Wolfrum eds., Kluwer Law International, 2002).

William Aron, William T. Burke & Milton M.R. Freeman, Science and Advocacy: A Cautionary Tale from the International Whaling Debate, in The Future of Cetaceans in a Changing World 87-97 (William C.G. Burns & Alexander Gillespie eds., 2003).