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Joan M. Fitzpatrick, 1950 - 2003

A memorial page with biographical information, obituaries and tributes, and lists of publications


Links lead to Gallagher Law Library catalog records.

Human Rights in Crisis: The International System for Protecting Rights During States of Emergency (University of Pennsylvania Press 1994).

Secrecy and Liberty: National Security, Freedom of Expression and Access to Information (Sandra Coliver, Joan Fitzpatrick, Paul Hoffman & Stephen Bowen eds., Martinus Nijhoff 1999). 

Jordan J. Paust, Joan Fitzpatrick & Jon M. Van Dyke, International Law and Litigation in the U.S. (West Group 2000) (American Casebook Series) and Documents Supplement (2000).

Human Rights And Forced Displacement (Anne F. Bayefsky & Joan Fitzpatrick eds., Martinus Nijhoff 2001).

David Weissbrodt, Joan Fitzpatrick & Frank Newman, International Human Rights: Law, Policy, and Process (3d ed.  Anderson 2001).

Human Rights Protection for Refugees, Asylum-Seekers, and Internally Displaced Persons: A Guide to International Mechanisms and Procedures (Joan Fitzpatrick ed., Transnational 2002).

Chapters in Books

Temporary Refuge and Central American Refugees, in In Defense of the Alien (1987).

The Enforcement of Human Rights Law, in International Law Association, Report of Conference (1988).

The Principle and Practice of Temporary Refuge: A Customary Norm Protecting Civilians Fleeing Internal Armed Conflict, in The New Asylum Seekers: Refugee Law in the 1980s (D. Martin, ed. 1988).

Protection Against Abuse of the Concept of "Emergency," in Human Rights: An Agenda For The Next Century (Louis Henkin & John Lawrence Hargrove eds. American Society of International Law, 1994).

The Use of International Human Rights Norms to Combat Violence Against Women, in Human Rights of Women: National and International Perspectives (Rebecca Cook ed., University of Pennsylvania Press 1994). 

International Crime Law, in Introduction to Transnational Legal Transactions (Marylin J. Raisch & Roberta I. Shaffer eds., Oceana Publications 1995). 

The Problem of Cultural Relativity Seen Through the Lens of International Standards Relating to the Death Penalty, in Contemporary International Law Issues: Conflicts and Convergence 324 (T.C.M. Asser Institute 1996). 

Is the 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees Obsolete?, in Immigration Admissions: The Search for Workable policies in Germany and the United States (K. Hailbronner, D. Martin & H. Motomura eds., Berghahn Books 1997). 

States of Emergency in the Inter-American Human Rights System, in The Inter-American System of Human Rights (David Harris & Stephen Livingstone eds., Oxford University Press 1998). 

The Role of Domestic Courts in Enforcing Human Rights Law, in Guide to International Human Rights Practice (Hurst Hannum ed., 3d ed. Transnational 1999). 

Human Rights Fact-Finding, in The UN Human Rights Treaty System in the 21st Century (Anne F. Bayefsky ed., Martinus Nijhoff 2000). 

Harmonized Subsidiary Protection in the European Union-A View from the United States, in Subsidiary Protection of Refugees in the European Union: Complementing the Geneva Convention (Daphne Bouteillet Paquet ed., Bruylant Publishers 2002).

Joan Fitzpatrick & Rafael Bonoan, Cessation of Refugee Protection, in Refugee Protection in International Law: UNHCR'S Global Consultations on International Protection (Erika Feller, Volker Turk & Frances Nicholson eds., Cambridge University Press 2003).