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Printing & Scanning in the Law Library

instructions for library's scanners & printers


The Law Library has printing stations, book and document scanners, and a microfiche/film reader/scanner.

What about a regular photocopier? They're no longer available. Instead, use one of the book scanners to scan pages from a book or other document, and then print the scanned images (or download them to your own USB drive or send via email).

The equipment is owned and operated by UW Creative Communications. Library staff can help you use it and do a little troubleshooting, but sometimes have to contact Creative Communications for repairs and adjustments.


Where: Book scanners and printers are in the Copy Alcoves in the Reference Area and next to the Bogle & Gates Student Lounge on Floor L1. The printer next to the lounge is the only one that can print in color, this copy alcove also includes a scanner. There is also a scanner inside the Student of copy alcove with scanner and printer

Cost: Scanning is free. From the scanners, you can save a document to a thumb drive, save it to your smart phone, or email it. Printing costs 12 cents per side of paper for black & white, 50 cents a side for color. For more on cost visit Dawg Prints for Prices and Sizes

How to pay: You pay with either your Husky card or a special Dawg Prints Card that you can get for free at the Information Desk. 

Adding Value: You can add money to your Husky card through your MyUW account. Value can be added to Husky cards and Dawg Print cards through the Housing & Food Services Online Card Office. For more on adding value, visit Dawg Prints Payment webpage. 

L1 floor plan showing copy alcoves

How to Pay for Printing

The printers accept only UW Husky Cards and Dawg Prints cards. Printouts cost 12₵ per side of the paper for black and white, 50₵ for color.

Adding money to your card:

  • Add money to your Husky Card online .
  • Purchase a Dawgprints card from the machine in the L1 Copy Alcove by the Student Lounge. The card costs $.20 but can be reused and reloaded with additional cash.
  • Add money to your Dawgprints card using the machine in Copy Alcove by the Student Lounge.

Remember to log out when you are through printing. Otherwise, the next user might be able to make copies at your expense!


The UW Creative Communications services the printers and scanners in the Library. The Refunds page provides an online refund request form and an email address. There are cards explaining refunds in both Copy Alcoves.