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"Section 509 Disclosures"

The ABA Standards and Rules of Procedure for Accreditation of Law Schools provide:


(a) All information that a law school reports, publicizes, or distributes shall be complete, accurate and not misleading to a reasonable law school student or applicant. . . .

(b) A law school shall publicly disclose on its website, in the form and manner and for the time frame designated by the Council, the following information:

(1) admissions data;
(2) tuition and fees, living costs, and financial aid;
(3) conditional scholarships;
(4) enrollment data, including academic, transfer, and other attrition;
(5) numbers of full-time and part-time faculty, professional librarians, and administrators;
(6) class sizes for first-year and upper-class courses; number of seminar, clinical and co-curricular offerings;
(7) employment outcomes; and
(8) bar passage data.

You can find this information on any law school's website. The ABA's lists of accredited law schools also link to each school's 509 disclosures.