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Themis, Goddess of Justice

History, mythology, sources of images and graphics.


Note: HeinOnline is a UW restricted database.

Dennis E. Curtis & Judy Resnik, Images of Justice, 96 Yale L. J. 1727 (1987). HeinOnline
This essay provides an in-depth analysis of the various images depicting the concept of justice. There is only brief mention of Themis as the Greek forerunner to the Roman goddess Justitia.

Cathleen Burnett, Justice: Myth and Symbol, 11 Legal Stud. F. 79 (1987). HeinOnline
This article traces the mythological background of Themis, distinguishes Themis from Dike, princess of justice (because they are often confused), and discusses ironic depictions of Themis.

Richard Eadie, Justice Symbolism, B. Bull. (King County Bar Association), March 2005.
Discusses the evolution of the symbol of Themis.

Law Library Journal "Questions and Answers" columns

  • 73 L. Libr. J. 744 (1980) -- answering: "What are the scales of justice? How has this imagine been used historically?" HeinOnline
  • 64 L. Libr. J. 249 (1971) -- answering: "What is the origin of the ubiquitous and somewhat abused symbol of the blindfolded statue of justice holding the scales?" HeinOnline
  • 52 L. Libr. J. 233 (1959) -- answering: "Who is the goddess of justice, depicted usually as blindfolded with scales and a sword?" HeinOnline





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