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Washington State Constitution Research


People researching the Washington State constitution often need to explore the Oregon constitution, since the Washington drafters were strongly influenced by the older state to the south.

Primary Sources

Oregon Constitution, 1857 (Oregon State Archives).

Oregon Constitution (current) (Oregon Legislature).

Journal of the Constitutional Convention of the State of Oregon (1882) (130 p.) Google Bookscatalog record.

The Oregon Constitution and Proceedings and Debates of the Constitutional Convention of 1857 (Charles Henry Carey ed., 1926), JK9025 1926 .A6 at classified stackscatalog record.

Oregon State Archives, Crafting the Oregon Constitution: Framework for a New State (online exhibit).

Secondary Sources About the Oregon Constitution: General

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Secondary Sources About the Oregon Constitution: Topics

Paula Abrams, The Majority Will: A Case Study of Misinformation, Manipulation, and the Oregon Initiative Process, 87 Or. L. Rev. 1025 (2008) (part of symposium issue).

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Secondary Sources About the Oregon Constitution: Racial Exclusion

When the Oregon constitution was presented to the voters, there were three questions:

  • Do you vote for the constitution?
  • Do you vote for slavery in Oregon?
  • Do you vote for the free Negroes in Oregon?

The vote went against slavery (which became section 34 of article I) and for exclusion of Negroes (which became Section 35 of article I) ("No free Negro, or Mulatto, not residing in this state at the time of the adoption of this constitution, shall come, reside, or be within this state, or hold any real estate, or make any contracts, or maintain any suit therein; an the Legislative Assembly shall provide by penal laws, for the removal, by public officers, of all such Negroes, and Mulattos, and for their effectual exclusion from the state, and for the punishment of persons who shall bring them into the state, or employ, or harbor them."). See Oregon constitution of 1857, pp 24-25 (notes).

Section 35 was repealed by ballot measure in 1926. Ballotpedia.



Jacki Hedlund Tyler, The Color and Gender of Citizenship: Immigration Restriction in the Development of Oregon, 24 Western Legal Hist. 59 (2011) [HeinOnline]