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Washington State Constitution Research

Washington State, General—Post-1980

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Washington Constitution, General—Pre-1980

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Arthur S. Beardsley, Sources of the Washington Constitution, in State of Washington, 2011-2012 Legislative Manual at 385-422. Beardsley first prepared this study comparing provisions of the Washington State constitution with parallels in the federal constitution, other state constitutions, and the Hill and 1878 draft constitutions in 1939. It is reprinted every two years in the Legislative Manual. The link above is to the Legislative Manual on the legislature's website. For a smaller file, with just Beardsley's work, click here.

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John R. Kinnear photo


John R. Kinnear
(from Constitutional convention composite photo)


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Theodore L. Stiles
(from Constitutional convention composite photo)

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Artile I, Declaration of Rights

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Article II, Legislative Department

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Article III, The Executive

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Article IV, The Judiciary

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Article VI, Elections & Elective Rights

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Article VII, Revenue & Taxation

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Article VIII, State, County & Municipal Indebtedness

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Article IX, Education

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See Selected Cases, below, for links to McCleary v. State and related documents.

Article XI, County, City & Township Organization

Kent D. Richards, The Police Power and Washington Statehood: Insurrection, Agitation, and Riots, Mont.: Mag. W. Hist., Autumn 1987, at 10, JSTOR (UW restricted)

Article XII, Corporations Other Than Municipal

James M. Dolliver, Condemnation, Credit and Corporations in Washington: 100 Years of Judicial Decisions – Have the Framers' Views Been Followed?, 12 U. Puget Sound L. Rev. 163 (1989) (examines Article I, § 16, the taking clause; Article VIII, § 7, the municipal credit clause; Article XII, §§ 1-22, the Corporations Article)

Article XIV, Seat of Government

Charles K. Wiggins, Austin Mires and the Capital Controversy, Wash. St. B. News, April 1989, at 24-27

Article XVII, Tide Lands

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Article XXXI, Equal Rights Amendment

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Prohibition (Failed Proposal in 1889)

Charles R. LeWarne,The Prohibition Proposition: A Hot Issue at the Constitutional Convention, Colum.: Mag. Nw. Hist, Summer 1989, at 26

Healthy Environment (Proposal)