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Washington State Constitution Research

U.S. State Constitutions—Selected Articles Post-1980

Ronald K. L. Collins, Foreword: Reliance on State Constitutions—Beyond the "New Federalism," 8 U. Puget Sound L. Rev. vi (1985) (foreword to a symposium on the Washington State constitution)

Ronald K. L. Collins, Bills and Declarations of Rights Digest, in The American Bench: Judges of the Nation 2483-2655 (3d ed. 1985/86)(includes text of all states' bills and declarations of rights, as well as notes and comparative tables) (posted with permission of the author and the publisher, Forster-Long, LLC)

Christian G. Fritz, The American Constitutional Tradition Revisited: Preliminary Observations on State Constitution-Making in the Nineteenth-Century West, 25 Rutgers L. J. 945 (1994), HeinOnline (UW restricted) (author's "definition of the American West includes the Far West, the Pacific Northwest, the Rocky Mountain states, and even some of the Great Plains states. The greatest attention has been given to seven state constitutional conventions between 1849 and 1889 for which reports of the convention debates exist. These states are: California (1849 and 1878 conventions), Oregon (1857), Nevada (1864), South Dakota (1885 and 1889 conventions), Wyoming (1889), Idaho (1889), and North Dakota (1889)." p. 947).

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