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Washington Practice Materials

A guide to sources used by Washington State lawyers


Subject-specific books written by local experts are great sources for those practicing in the state. They cover diverse subjects such as environmental law, family law, criminal law, etc. Some of these treatises are called "deskbooks."

Many of the Washington-specific deskbooks are published by the Washington State Bar Association (WSBA). A list of WSBA deskbooks can be found on its website, along with the table of contents for each.

The Law Library offers online access to the WSBA deskbooks to people who visit the Library.


Washington State Bar Association Deskbooks

The Bar Association has published nearly 40 deskbooks on a wide variety of subjects. The following partial list of titles highlights some of the most frequently used volumes.

To identify other WSBA deskbooks in the Gallagher Law Library, search the Library's catalog with the phrase "washington state" and deskbook.

Practice Materials from Other Publishers

Although the Bar Association is the most prolific publisher of deskbooks, several other publishers have also produced books for the Washington lawyer. The following list is organized by topic..