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Washington State Environmental Policy Act

Court Opinions

An appendix of important and significant decisions of the Washington Supreme Court and Court of Appeals related to SEPA has been compiled by the Attorney General’s Office and is available as part of the SEPA Handbook: Significant SEPA Appellate Court Decisions (1973-98) and its Supplement - Significant SEPA Appellate Court Decisions (1999-May 2002).

Another way to find relevant cases is by using West's Washington Digest. KFW57.W47 at Reference Area. Consult the following topic and key numbers:

149E -- Environmental Law

  • k571-k620 -- Assessments and Impact Statements
  • k633-k711 -- Judicial Review or Intervention

The SEPA Register, maintained by the Ecology Department, lists all SEPA records received by the department since 2000. The following are some links that will help you access and use this resource:

See the Gallagher guide on Washington State Court Opinions & Related Sources for information and links to free and commercial online and print sources.