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Washington State Environmental Policy Act

The Law

The current version of SEPA is found at Revised Code of Washington § 43.21C.


SEPA was enacted in 1971 during the First Extraordinary Session of the Washington State Legislature: 1971 Laws of Washington, 1st Ex. Sess., ch. 109, p. 623 (PDF). The original bill was introduced in the Senate as S. 545 and passed the Senate and House of Representatives in May, 1971. The governor signed the bill into law on May 19, 1971.

SEPA has been amended several times, including:

  • Laws of 1983, c. 117, §§ 1-17
  • Laws of 1995, c. 347
  • Laws of 2003, c. 298, §§ 1-2
  • Laws of 2010, c. 153, §§ 1-2

The text of these laws can be found on the Office of the Code Reviser's website.

Pending & Future Developments

Consult the Washington Legislature's Bill Information page to search for pending bills.

Searching bills on the Washington Legislature's website