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BIS 336: U.S. Mass Incarceration (Berger): Scholarly Sources

Recommended journals

This is a list of particular journals that regularly publish articles about the issues explored in this class.   - American Quarterly (1949-2009) (1996-present)
   - The Black Scholar (1969-2010) (1991-present)
   - Contemporary Justice Review (1998 - 18 months ago)
   - Crime, Media & Culture (2005-present)
   - Journal of Black Studies (1970-2013) (1999-present)
   - Journal of Civil and Human Rights (2015-present)
   - Journal of Criminal Justice & Popular Culture (1993-present)
   - Journal of Prisoners on Prisons (1988-2016)
   - Race & Class (1999-present)
   - Radical History Review (1975-present)
   - Punishment and Society (1999-present)
   - The Sixties (2008-present)
   - Social Justice (1988-2012) (1999-present)
   - Socialism and Democracy (1995-present)
   - Souls (1999-present)
   - Theory & Society (1974-2014) (1997-present)
   - Theoretical Criminology (1999-present)
   - UCLA Law Review (1953-present)

Subject databases - Find scholarly artices and more

This is a small selection of subject-related databases that may be useful for some of your topics. Additional lists of subject databases can be found on our Reseach Guides by Subject page. Choose a subject you are interested in exploring and then navigate to the 'Articles' tab of that guide.

Search inside a journal using Google

Sometimes, a journal does not have a search function for its back issues, such as the Journal of Criminal Justice and Popular Culture. The link to its page for browsing back issues for this journal is this:

In Google, this is the formula to search inside a web site: search term

Note that with our example, if I select only, I'd be searching the entire site, including way more pages than just the journal pages. The best parts of the address to use for our purposes are: So a sample Google site search for the journal back issues might look like this:

site: sentencing