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Political Science: POLS 202: American Government

Research guide for political science at Cascadia College

News Sources

News sources can provide important information both about the piece of legislation that you are researching and about public opinion polling (often pulling in poll data to contribute to a news story). 

Newspapers accessed via library databases

News Organization Websites

Members of Congress Websites

All websites of members of Congress have a section called Issues (or something very similar). This tells constituents what the member of Congress is focused on and gives details about why they're engaged with the issue. Is the topic of your chosen bill listed on the legislator's website? What does or doesn't this tell you?

Congressional District/State-Level Demographics

The following profiles of Sens. Murray and Cantwell from the Almanac of American Politics provide some context for their time in Congress, as well as their voting records and committee memberships.

Political Party Websites

Government/Legislative Information

When you locate your chosen legislation at, pay special attention to the information provided in the tabs below the overview (screenshot example). These offer important pieces of information such as the full text of the legislation, the actions taken thus far, the various titles of the bill, co-sponsors, and committees that are debating the legislation. Also, the Tracker in the overview box tells you the overall status of the legislation. 

Public Opinion Polling

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