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Clit 315A / SPAN 334A / SISLA 490A: Background Information

Contemporary Latin American Cinema: The Myth of Che Guevara and Trauma and Memory in the Southern Cone

Reference Resources

A useful practice to acquire when writing a research paper is to consult one or two reference resources that give an overview of the particular area of study, in this case modern Latin American cinema and political history.  Reading through a few entries may help you to focus on a subject, narrow it to a manageable scope and help define your theme.

Chronologies of Modern Terroism

Electronic resource Traces the development of terrorism from its historical roots to its current position on the world stage.  Chapter 4, "Social Revolutionary Terrorism in Latin America," provides an introductory essay and a chronology of events begining with the election of Peron in Argentina (2/24/1946 to an alleged FARC bombing in Colombia. (12/7/2006).  Also available in print in the Suzzallo Reference Stacks, HV6431 R84 2008.

Cine y Liberacion: el Nuevo Cine latinamericano (1954-1973): Fuentes para un Lenguaje

Suzzallo Allen Stacks: PN1993.5 L3 G54 2009                                                                                                       Examines social and political aspects of films from the mid-20th century.

Encyclopedia of Contemporary Latin American and Caribban Cultures

Suzzallo Reference Stacks: F1406 E515 2000 3 volumes                                                                                    Provides brief personal name entries, country name entries, and short topical essays, such as "Hollywood's Impact on Latin American Cinema" and "New Latin American Cinema."

Encyclopedia of Latin America

Suzzallo Reference Stacks: F1406 E5155 2010 volume IV: The Age of Globalization, 1900 to the Present                         Provides somewhat more complete entries on countries of interest in this class and covers the recent literary trends by specific country.  Essays on themes of concern to modern Latin American writers, such as Politics & Literature, Regionalismo, and Postmodernism.  Each brief entry is followed by a short list of suggested readings.  The index pulls together all the entries related to a particular country.  For example, under Argentina, find "Dirty War," "military," "U.S. Military Assistance Programs," etc.

Latin America: A Political Dictionary

Suzzallo Reference Stacks F1406 R67 1992                                                                                                  Organized in thematic chapters, such as "Political Culture and Ideology," "Political Parties, Interest Groups & Elections," "The Military," "Revolution and Political Change," and "United States-Latin American Relations," this resource provides succinct descriptions of the political landscape as it evolved in Latin America duing the 1960's to the early 1990's. Many entries include a brief section on "significance" of the event, term, party, etc.

Latin American Cinemas: Local Views and Transnational Connections

In process for Suzzallo Allen Stacks as of 7/20/2011                                                                                       Focuses on social aspects of film.

Literary Cultures of Latin America: a Comparative History, 3 volumes

Suzzallo Reference Stacks: PQ7081 A1 L525 2004                                                                                                     This set is well worth consulting for succinct essays on such themes as "Literature and Revolution in Latin America," "Signs of Identity: Latin American Imagination and Exile," and "Cuban American Prose." Provides both historical and contemporary perspectives on Latin American literary themes.

The Sage Encyclopedia of Terrorism

International in scope, this electronic resource is best used when researching specific "terrorist" organizations, such as the FALN, the FARC, the Shining Path, etc., or personal names of individuals presumed to be terrorists, such as Guevara.  Terms are also defined, such as  "State Terrorism" and "State Sponsored Terrorism" along with topics common to terrorism research, i.e."financing terrorism" and "ethnic cleansing." Names of specific terrorist attacks and government agencies (Central Intelligence Agency,"  National Security Agency, etc.)are also used as main entries. Country names are not main entries but are cross referenced to more specific entries through the index. Allso available in print in the Suzzallo Reference Stacks, HV6431 S225 2011.

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