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Access PitchBook

Off-Campus Users

Current UW faculty, students & staff

  1. Install Husky OnNet & configure server settings to "All Internet Traffic."
  2. Log into Husky OnNet with your eligible UW NetID.
  3. Continue to PitchBook.

Can't log in?

  • Always use the library link:
    • Remember that your PitchBook password is separate from your UW NetID.
  • If you previously created an account and receive an "Access Denied" error, try resetting your account by clicking on "Create an Account."
  • When off-campus, log in with Husky OnNet.


Authorized Users & Usage

The UW Libraries PitchBook subscription is intended only for educational and academic instruction use by:

  • Currently enrolled UW students.
  • UW teaching faculty, lecturers, teaching assistants, and other course instructors.
  • UW employees supporting student curricular work.

Users may export or print up to 10 rows of company, deal, people or fund data per day and 25 rows of company, deal, people or fund data per month.

Questions? Ask Us!

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