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Research Guides

How I Can Help You

For students, I can:

  • Recommend the best databases to search for your research topic
  • Answer your questions via email, phone, Zoom videoconferencing or in-person
  • Meet with you individually to help brainstorm your topic or discuss research strategies
  • Tell you about library services


For faculty, I can:

  • Track down tricky citations
  • Do a quick literature review
  • Introduce your students to research tools and strategies via a workshop
  • Discuss ways to best incorporate research skills and library materials into your class assignments
  • Discuss research and my experience integrating inquiry into coursework
  • Meet with your students individually
  • Tell you about library services
  • Purchase materials to support your research and teaching

Education Librarian & Instructor

Deborah Pierce's picture
Deborah Pierce
Spring Office Hours: Mon & Thurs 9:30-11am
via Zoom (See Schedule Appointment link)

For additional times check the "Schedule appointment" link or E-mail me

How I Can Help You

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