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Research Guides

Expository Writing Instructor Portal: Instructor Support

A portal for Expository Writing instructors that includes sample assignments, course outcomes, and supplementary research resources.

Collaborate with a Librarian

Librarians are here to support Expository Writing Instructors -- here's how:

  • Research Workshops: Librarians teach workshops tailored to your assignments and to the needs of your students — fill out the instruction request form to get connected with a librarian and schedule your workshop!
  • Assignment Design: Librarians collaborate with faculty and TAs to create engaging research assignments that enhance course content and promote student learning. Contact your librarian for a consultation or read our designing assignments guidelines.
  • Research and Class Guides: Librarians create online subject and class research guides to meet the research needs of students in your courses and departments.
  • How Do I... tutorials : Librarians create short video tutorials to help students effectively use and understand complex research tools. Contact Amanda to suggest tutorials to support your students.


Integrating Research Skills & Information Literacy into EWP Courses

  • Taught in conjunction with critical thinking, reading, writing and production, research skills and information literacy are key components of lifelong learning. These skills are central to the mission of higher education. 
  • Information literacy is common to all disciplines, to all learning environments, and to all levels of education. It enables students to master course content and extend their investigations beyond the classroom, become more self-directed, and assume greater control over their own learning. 
  • As students become engaged in using a wide variety of information sources to expand their knowledge, ask informed questions, and practice critical thinking, they multiply their opportunities for self-directed learning. 
  • These skills provide students with a foundation for continued growth throughout their careers, as well as in their roles as informed citizens.

Your librarian can work with you on assignment design or a research workshop to incorporate research skills and information literacy into your course.