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Seattle Sounds Archive and Preservation Project: SSAPP

SSAPP aims to preserve and make accessible a slice of Seattle's many musics.


SSAPP collects and preserves Seattle area musics, both vintage and contemporary. Established in 2006 as Puget Sounds, SSAPP aims to provide researchers with enduring access to recordings that capture a constellation of locally performed traditions and styles: roots, reggae, hip hop, funk, be bop, classical, opera, avant-garde, freak folk, noise, thrash metal, punk, edm, emo, shoegazer, grunge and more. To learn about SSAPP's 50,000+ recordings, browse the collections tab to your left or get in touch with us at the UW Ethnomusicology Archives: And if you have questions about SSAPP or want to support our efforts to help preserve Seattle's music history, please contact us. Your questions, feedback, and/or support are welcome.