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SCAND 270 - Sagas of the Vikings - Library Research Guide

Welcome to the library research guide for SCAND 270, "Sagas of the Vikings".

Use the navigation bar to get information about how you can locate information about the sagas for assignments in this course. Each page explains a little about the source type for context, and suggests ways to locate materials.

Searching Old Norse Names

Variant Spellings

It is important to keep in mind that many names that appear in the sagas have multiple variants. When searching for particular individuals, places, or sagas, it can be important to keep this in mind as a search on one variant may or may not return results for other variants, depending on the source. To cite one example, Egill Skallagrímsson has variants Egil Skallagrimsson and Egill Skalla-Gmsson, and Egils saga may be referred to as the following:

  • Egils saga
  • Egills saga
  • Egil's saga
  • Egla

Rather than searching each of these variants individually, you can search them at the same time in many databases. To capture all articles in the MLA International Bibliography or UW Libraries Search, for example, the following search string could be entered into one search box:

  • "egils saga" OR "egills saga" OR "egil's saga" OR "egla"

Personal Names

Likewise, consider that not only might the name Thor have a variant like Þórr, but this is also a common given name along with being the name for a Norse deity. To avoid false positives in your search, pay attention to which field you are searching. If you have the option for a subject or title search, that may be more effective than a keyword search, which could pull up any article written by someone named Thor and clutter up your results.


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