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Library Lab on Demand: Library Lab on Demand

Request a Workshop

Library Lab on Demand is a program sponsored by the UW Tacoma Library that offers small groups of students, staff, or faculty the opportunity to request and schedule research or productivity workshops taught by UWT librarians. You'll just need to recruit a few others (classes have a minimum requirement of three people) and click the "Request a workshop" link. You'll be contacted by an instructor to set up a time for the class and work out any necessary details (sessions are typically scheduled from a half-hour overview to a 1 hour workshop). Then just show up and prepare to learn something useful!

 Request a Workshop

Library Tours

Drop-in tours are offered at the beginning of Fall Quarter. They begin at the Circulation Desk on the 1st floor of the Snoqualmie Building and last approximately 30 minutes.


Citation Management Systems

Learn which citation system is the best for you by discussing and comparing the features of RefWorks, Zotero, Mendeley, and EndnoteWeb. Information on how to get started and utilize these time-saving tools will be provided.


Getting to Know Your Library

Learn about the resources and services available in the Library so you can research smarter (not harder).


Presentation Workshop

Come to the presentation workshop to learn more about effective presentations, as well as tips for using presenting technology to your advantage.


Using Google Scholar

Did you know that Google Scholar can be used to find peer-reviewed scholarly papers, e-books and more? It doesn’t contain everything the UW Libraries have access to, but you can link through to the libraries to obtain certain resources. Come take a class to find out what all the annotations on the citations mean, how to link through to full-text, learn tips and tricks for efficient searching, and see the possibilities it can offer you.

Not finding what you are looking for? Email Kathleen Monks, and suggest a workshop!