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An evening celebrating UWT graduate student research: TAC Talks, a series of 5-minute lightning talks, followed by a reception

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TAC Talks and Poster Presentations


On May 23rd, 2019, the UW Tacoma Library, in partnership with the Teaching and Learning Center (TLC), the School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, the Office of Research, and UWT graduate programs, will host a celebration of UWT graduate students' interests!

The theme this year is Breaching Borders!



TAC TALKS"Breaching Borders"


Thursday, May 23rd, 2019 - 5pm


Tioga Library Building (TLB) 307B




Let's show off the exciting research happening at UWT!

Be Boundless! Be Heard!




The UW Tacoma TAC Talks consists of talks by our amazing UW Tacoma graduate students! Now in its sixth year, the interdisciplinary event offers an opportunity for the whole campus to learn about the exciting work coming out of UWT graduate programs. It presents a chance for students to


  • share ideas,

  • inform people how their work matters,

  • and get feedback and make academic and professional connections.

TAC Talks are polished, five minute lightning talks on topics that UW Tacoma graduate students are passionate about!


Submission deadline has passed. Thank you for applying!


TAC Talks Contacts

Johanna Jacobsen Kiciman
Reference and Instruction Librarian
(253) 692-4882


Marisa Petrich
Instructional Design Librarian
(253) 692-4651
Margaret Lundberg
Instructional Consultant, Writing (TLC)

MAIS Contacts

Lawrence Knopp
Graduate Program Director, MAIS
(253) 692-4455
Karin Dalesky
Graduate Advisor and Administrator, MAIS
(253) 692-4458

TAC Talks

Now a part of SHAREfest!



"Student Scholarship Highlights and Research Excellence" - SHAREfest 2019     

The Office of Research and UW Tacoma Library, along with the Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Success and the Associate Dean for Student Support and Success invite you to the inaugural Spring 2019 "Student SHAREfest"! SHAREfest refers to the collection of events occurring across campus during the spring quarter at which UW Tacoma undergraduate and graduate students will share their 'scholarship highlights and research excellence.