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TAC Talks 2019: FAQs

An evening celebrating UWT graduate student research: TAC Talks, a series of 5-minute lightning talks, followed by a reception


What are TAC Talks?
  • Inspired by TED Talks, TAC Talks are short, 5-minute lightning talks on topics that you, a UW Tacoma graduate student, are passionate about! You could present on a paper you've done research on, an internship you've completed, or on your Capstone. This year we are calling for proposals that address the theme of BREACHING BORDERS.
  • TAC Talks is a fun but structured way to share ideas across the Graduate School, to get interdisciplinary conversations started, to encourage collaboration, to network, and to practice presenting your work in an engaging way!
  • Take a look at past presentations!


‚ÄčDoes my TAC Talk have to be about my Capstone?

  • No! You can present on any work you currently are doing: a paper you've done research on, an internship you've completed. Of course, you can also present on part of your Capstone if you want! Just link it to the theme of Breaching Borders in whatever way makes sense with your research. This way, we have a common theme to dialogue on.
What do I get out of it?
  • Build your professional online presence.  All TAC Talks are recorded and can be added to the UWT Digital Commons (managed by the UW Tacoma Library).  You can refer anyone to your recording - colleagues, potential employers, etc.
  • Improve your presentation skills.  Librarians and staff from the Teaching and Learning Center will give you presentation tips, practice with you, and help you polish your presentation itself as well as your public speaking skills.  The audience will provide further feedback on the day of the event.
  • A polished presentation that you can use again... in interviews, in class, at conferences.
  • Networking opportunities.  Speakers can expect opportunity to mingle and share information with faculty, staff, other graduate students, and members from the community.  
  • Strengthen your graduate school community.  This is an opportunity for graduate students across UWT to support each other.
  • A line on your CV.  Add this fun and supportive experience to your CV before your graduate!
What is the structure of a TAC Talk?
  • Each talk is 5 minutes long and includes a PowerPoint presentation. Individual presentation slides will not be timed, but each presenter will be kept to the 5-minute limit. This shouldn't be a problem, as presenters will practice their talks with us in advance.
  • We are planning for 10 talks total. After opening remarks, the first five TAC Talks will be presented, followed by Q&A with the audience. Then the second set of five TAC Talks will be presented, followed by Q&A, followed by closing remarks.
  • There is a reception after the talks, to continue the conversations.
What kind of feedback will I get??
  • The audience is given structured feedback forms to comment on each presenter's presentation style, the slides, and the content of the talk.  There is also a section on the form to suggest business contacts or academic collaborators for each presenter.
Sounds like a lot of work…
  • You’ve already done the hard work of researching and thinking critically on your project, research, internship or capstone! So take the extra step to create something that will help you share and market your experience.
  • There is help! The Teaching and Learning Center is available to help you prepare your proposal.  Schedule a consultation.
  • The TLC and the Library are available to help you prepare your presentation, and the Library can recommend a room where you can record yourself to practice your presentation.

TAC Talks

Now a part of SHAREfest!



"Student Scholarship Highlights and Research Excellence" - SHAREfest 2019     

The Office of Research and UW Tacoma Library, along with the Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Success and the Associate Dean for Student Support and Success invite you to the inaugural Spring 2019 "Student SHAREfest"! SHAREfest refers to the collection of events occurring across campus during the spring quarter at which UW Tacoma undergraduate and graduate students will share their 'scholarship highlights and research excellence.